Sunday, August 2, 2009

How to design a logo that is actually

By M. Ismail
Logo is an identity. Not just names but also the character of products. Character and identity of a product can be seen from the form of a logo. Even at this time the logo can be a confidence, pride and symbol of togetherness.

See how the "Harley Davidson" with the pride install the Harley Davidson logo on each attribute when they ride in a group on the road. The same group of "fans" Iwan Fals logo with "Oi" and the group of fans with the symbol Slank butterfly.

Means that the logo can be a "spirit" of a product.

Imagine what happens when a product with high quality and very useful for the community but does not have a logo. This means the identity of the product name is just a "generic".

How public perception of the product?

"... Cheap product. Not qualified. Ordinary and even considered just doubt the quality of the product .... "

This is the reality going on in the community. Therefore, designing a logo is not frivolous work, not work play.

Logo design needed knowledge and expertise.

First, the knowledge of the design.

Means of a graphic designer should take the form of design elements, color and typography. And also have the insight about the meaning of a symbol, shape and color.

Second, the skill to use graphic design software such as Macromedia Freehand or Adobe Illustrator.

Logo must have charm, and unique character namely:

Color, shape and logo are typography nice views and easy to read.

This means the different forms of the existing logo. Unique does not mean strange shapes. So make the logo easily seen and read. Example: Unilever logo, unique and interesting is also still easy to see and read. The identity of "U" remain clear.

Have Character.
In accordance with the type of products. Logo of different food products with the logo terknologi product. For example, the logo "Nokia" has a different character with the logo "Indofood". Logo magazine "Hai" logo (teenager magazine) is different with the magazine "Ayahbunda" (Parents magazine).

Apart from the above theory of the strength of a logo does not factor irrespective of marketing strategies and product promotions.

Want to know more about the design of the logo, as a reference, you can drop in to these sites below:

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