Thursday, July 30, 2009


By M. Ismail
Do you see a job ad with the heading: "Urgently needed a graphic designer and art director!" I'm sure you never see it but for those who work as a graphic designer or art director on this industry.

So what should be a graphic designer and art director? The second professional background has the same skill. What distinguishes?

Based on what I observed and my own experience. In fact the two professions are different. Although the ability of their skill may be the same such as the ability to use computer software to design like Macromedia Freehand, Adobe illustrator or Adobe Photoshop and have a good visual ability.

But what the basic differences of those professions are perspective and knowledge.

A graphic designer working on the design more likely to be artificial, creating a visual that is good and interesting shapes, colors, photography, illustration, typography and lay out. And how these elements create a visual communication materials that can represent a product or a brand.

The material is usually a graphic designer can be the same with an art director but the "job description" in an advertising graphic designer a lot more likely to do the design print design books such as the annual report or company profile, logo, magazine, newsletter, brochures, posters, Flyer, and so forth. Therefore, graphic designer entered in the division "desktop publishing".

Or a graphic designer in the same team with the art director, but tend to only do the design as above plus the "Final Art work" and help work art director. Due to the structural one in an advertising graphic designer under the art director.

What are the capabilities of art director?

According to me is the insight and knowledge to visualize the strategy or creative communication strategies. An art director is ideal and should be able to know for whom the ad is created and how the visual character to the right target market is. The execution of art director know exactly how to visualize the concept.

Ok, if there are differences in opinions or comments please…

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