Friday, January 16, 2009

Ten: How slim are you

This print ad I did around 2005, when work on the iPower Advertising. Client of this product is Advance, one of the health equipment distributor in Indonesia, which is quite known.

Image display with a slim and sexy body of a woman (of course within the limits of the norm in Indonesia) this ad may represent the product benefit stimulate blood flow and nerve so that the fat in the body will gone away well (hopefully this is correct and may still have some other advantage, but I already forget coz it's been long time ago).

Angle looks back is inspirated by a habit of a man when look at a woman, including my habit when I see that sexy body of women do not dare from the front, I do, so ... I really mean the body of a women are usually more visible when viewed from the back (hahaha, every man may ... have their own way so ....).

Headline: How slim are you? I created to challenge the women "how slim your body" when using the product.

In addition, this concept is also used for the event program with the theme "How slim are you" that the girl slim election held in the Atrium Senen, Central Jakarta. Participants must show slimness body through the "dance show" a significant drain energy.

Art and copy by M. Ismail

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