Wednesday, January 21, 2009


It's a new material promotion of tea from SAP I suggested. There are 3 designs we presented to clients. But unfortunately, at the time client didn't prepare yet for the promotion material. They said, they still thought about more effective promotion than just a poster or other advertising materials. They thought about creating brand activation such as event programs. So, this design below are still the concept.

I made this at iPower Advertising and PR around in 2006.
Art and copy by M. Ismail. Image: Free image


YAMA said...

that's good poster design man! can you tell me what sofware you using for? thank's alot,

from yama

M.Ismail said...

I used to Adobe Photoshop CS2. For creating "copy" I used macromedia freehand mx or adobe illustrator CS2.

The softwares are very familiar in advertising agency. Try it...!

. said...

desainnya mantap mas, salam kenal dari jogja

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